Algorithmic Trading Portfolios

By combining a selection of diversified strategies into a portfolio, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

Stable Results

 A portfolio of well-diversified strategies can often produce more consistent weekly, monthly and annual returns than individual strategies.

Market Resistant

When the market conditions for an individual strategy are suboptimal, there are likely better opportunities for other strategies in the portfolio.

Adaptive & Flexible

Portfolio composition can be adjusted if strategies stop working, having a smaller impact on overall portfolio performance results.

Shorter Drawdowns

Portfolios of strategies can produce smaller and shorter drawdowns than single strategies.

Reduced Risk

Well-balanced portfolios tend to have a lower risk profile than that of individual strategies.

Higher returns

Combining multiple strategies in a portfolio can produce risk adjust returns 10-15x higher than individual strategies.

Portfolio Selection

Here’s a list of the automated Futures portfolios currently available (performance results are verified live trading results):

Portfolio Name Account size Potential # of Markets/ Strategies Average Monthly Return ($) Average Monthly Return (%) Monthly Std. Deviation Monthly Leasing Fee Click for more info
Rosie Cheeks 100,000 14 $884 0.88% 8.80% $350 Details

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