Our Mission

“Our mission at ACubed Trading, as a provider of multiple strategies, is to help our clients invest money in a way that produces good returns on a short-term basis while reducing the possibility of catastrophic losses that wipe out years of growth.”

Our Approach

At ACubed Trading, we seek to mitigate the 3 most common challenges of investors and traders:


Traders just don’t have the required amount of time to develop and execute the trading methods to be successful.


Traders aren’t getting the returns they’re looking for (or have investment managers who aren’t producing the results they desire).


Traders don’t have access to non correlated, diversified strategies to improve their overall portfolio performance.

We use multiple, non-correlated, automated trading systems with futures instruments that produce absolute returns— intended to make money regardless of what the stock, bond, or real estate markets experience.

The trading strategies tend to do well in volatile markets and inflationary environments.

We have designed specific portfolios to target annual returns that are about 2-4 times the drawdowns one could expect. This means that if you’re seeking a 40% annual return, our systems could reasonably provide that over the years if you can tolerate a drawdown of 10% to 20%.

The ACubed Trading Difference

At ACubedTrading, we have simple, effective methods for accomplishing the Six Essential Investment Disciplines. Others do one or two of these disciplines, but we know of no one (other than ourselves) who deploy all six.

Always Building

Create dozens of good strategies every single month – so we’re spoilt for options!

Precise & Timely Selection

Select the best ones to trade right now among the thousands we’ve developed using proprietary selection techniques.

Right Place, Right Time 

Never trade strategies when market conditions are highly unfavorable.

Tough Robustness Testing

Assure they’re as likely to work in the future as well as they did in our back tests.

Constant Monitoring

Perform a weekly evaluation of each strategy traded live, and remove or replace poor performing strategies.

Holistic Approach

Determine the right account or position size to achieve our clients’ stated objectives, trading a portfolio of strategies when market conditions are favorable.

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