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Intelligent algorithmic trading strategy creation, research, risk management and portfolio construction for traders of all levels, including retail traders with small accounts looking to lease a few strategies right up to institutional money managers, CTAs and Hedge Funds looking for bespoke solutions to manage larger accounts.


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Trading Strategy Leasing

ACubed Trading are algorithmic trading specialists.

Our advanced trading strategies are available to retail traders through single or multi-strategy leasing opportunities.

For larger traders with more specific requirements we offer custom trading strategy partnerships.

Let ACubed Trading do all the advanced research, strategy creation and robustness testing and validation for you so you can spend more time doing the stuff you really want to focus on.


Diversified Trading Styles

Whether you prefer to only trade during regular daytrading session hours to reduce overnight risk, or you like the larger potential profits of overnight swing and longer-term positional traders, ACubed Trading can provide trading strategies for different styles and timeframes.


Diversified Trading Logic

ACubed Trading employs trading logic across a number of disciplines, including Indicators & Patterns, Cycles, DSP, Market Regimes, Statistical and Data Entropy, Market Internals, Dynamic Position Sizing, advanced trade management,  multiple exit techniques and much more.


Diversified Global Markets

Don’t just “settle” for a small number of trading opportunities in a handful of markets. Access diversified trading strategies across USA, Europe and Asia/Pacific markets so you can take advantage of trading opportunities all around the globe.

Publicly Traded ALGO Strategies

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