“The Minion” Micro Portfolio

Historical Backtest Results  
Average Annual Net Profit: $11,665.13
Average Monthly Net Profit: $972.09
Average Trade: $26.49
Max Historical Drawdown: $1,704 (7.66%)
Suggested Account Size: $15,000
Monthly Fee: $75
Traded live since: 1/2022

Results are back tested simulations only. For live trading performance verified by a 3rd party, please visit the striker.com website. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

The Minion portfolio contains a selection of strategies traded on Micro markets.

The strategies are selected using evolutionary proprietary algorithms that solve for strategy selection, correlations, maximum margin requirements, equity growth, maximum draw-down and contract sizing. 

We use these algorithms to rebalance quarterly, as our extensive research has revealed this is an optimal interval for rebalancing and to stay relevant in the realm of market regimes.

The current rebalancing has the portfolio trading 7 strategies from the following sectors: indexes, metals, currencies, energies, and grains.

The Minion portfolio is subject to the same strategy monitoring as all other ACubed portfolios, so any underperforming strategies are paused and then replaced if they do not recover, limiting down-side risk.

The recommended account size for this portfolio is $15,000.

The tear sheet below contains live trade results including slippage and commissions, executed and verified by Striker Securities and published on their website at: https://striker.com/performance.php?perfpage=02actual&protectpage=apsummary&sysID=2954

Click here to download the full tear sheet

All of the ACubed Trading strategies and portfolios are available for autotrading through our leasing & execution partner Striker Securities.

Striker specializes in the disciplined execution of 3rd party trading systems and are a well-respected leader in the industry. They offer an array of credible and robust automated trading strategies, and maintain extensive records of actual performance for our clients.

If you have a live trading account at one of the many supported brokers, it’s easy to set the strategies/portfolios to be autotraded in your account. Just email [email protected] with the systems/portfolio you’re interested in and we’ll let you know how to proceed with autotrading the selected strategies.

Here’s a list of supported brokers (plus more are being added, so if you don’t see your broker on the list let us know and we’ll check for you!)